Apr 6, 2017

Episode 5: The Vampire Diaries

Our first selection from the CW goldmine! We went fangs-first into a lot of kooky theories...all of which were dead wrong...except Jeremy correctly guessing there were werewolves.

How many names can we give Stefan?
Are vampires into the vape life?

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Mar 30, 2017

Episode 4: Power Rangers

IT'S MORPHIN TIME! Bobby from the That's So 90's Podcast joins us to talk everything Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. There is WAY more to this show than most people realize, and we get into some serious fan fiction that even our expert guest is impressed by.

Who are the Cloth Rangers?
Why does Jeremy have such vivid memories about Kimberly doing splits?
How old is Billy? Like, REALLY?!

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Mar 24, 2017

Episode 3: Breaking Bad

What does it mean to "break bad"? What is a straight-edger? And who the hell is Flynn?

From Meth to weird b-day HJ's, listen in as Steve, Jeremy and SPECIAL GUEST LEILA GRAHAM discuss AMC's Breaking Bad. 

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Mar 16, 2017

Episode 2: Family Matters

DID WE DO THAAATTT?! Yes, we did! Where did Aunt Rachel/Lil Richie/no-name-daughter/original Harriett go? Why did this show end where it did? How does Laura have Mission Control's phone number? We attempt to answer all of these and more.

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Mar 9, 2017

Episode 1: Sons of Anarchy

What's up SLUGGGGSSSSS!!!!! OUR VERY FIRST EPISODE IS FINALLY HERE!!!! Who is Sam Crow? Why does Jax want to diversify? Is Jax actually Jesus? And a theory that will blow your mind!!! We watched the first and last episode of Sons of Anarchy, now listen to this!!! 

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