Jul 23, 2017

BONUS: LUNCH LADIES - Frosted Meat Mound


Welcome to the Lunch Ladies Podcast!
Aja, Eliza and Johnna find gross recipies based around a theme and make each other try them. 
They discuss the creation of their dishes, appearance, and have each other guess the ingredients.
In this episode, the theme was dips:
Eliza - Snow Cap Spread
Johnna - Deviled Ham Wedge
Aja - Buckeye Dip
A winner is declared in each episode, but honstely, everyone loses. 
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Jun 28, 2017

Episode 14: LOST


LOST would be the perfect show for the format of the podcast, but it would be multiple hours (if not days) of us explaining LOST to someone that has never seen it. Instead, we still watched only the first and last episode, but we talk about theories, our favorite moments, and Jeremy explains to Steve why he shouldn't hate the finale as much as he does.

-Jeremy's First Five Minutes is incredibly detailed, even though he "has never seen it"
-Steve hits the streets to get some hot takes about the show from normal people
-Listen until the end of the club banger feat. Michael!

See you in a few weeks!!!!

We'd love to hear your theories!
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Jun 9, 2017

Episode 13: Bones

In the final installment of the Boreanaz Bonus, Steve and Jeremy discuss the structural intergrity of the Jeffersonian facility, who is more of a babe Zooey or Emily and dive a little deeper into who is David Boreanaz.

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May 25, 2017

Episode 12: Angel

Davie B is back for the second installment of the Boreanaz Bonuz! Reprising his role as Angel, we catch up with him in LA...still vampin'. He's become very mysterious and kind of like a Shitty Batman?

The boys come up with a record amount of Everybody Gets Ones that go unanswered
Steve puts all his eggs in the Tina basket (bad move)
The seeds are sown for the Buffy/Angel/Bones megaverse
Jeremy DOES NOT like Green Guy

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May 19, 2017

Episode 11: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The first installment of the Boreanaz Bonuz! We watched Buffy and had the theme song stuck in our heads for DAYS.

Does Alyson Hannigan suffer from LDS?
Why is Spike so familiar?
What is the Excel code for making-a-slayer?
How could a tv show possibly edit a live band scene so poorly?!

Stay tuned for next week when we watch Angel, another Boreanaz Banger.

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May 11, 2017

Episode 10: The Killing

Steve cried again. Jeremy almost cried and we talked about AMC's The Killing for way longer than we thought. We watched the Killing. Did we figure out who the killer was??? Did we properly predict what happens to Det. Lynden's fiance Rick? Listen and find out. Also we explain what happened at the end of last weeks epsiode The Sopranos. 


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May 5, 2017

Episode 9: The Sopranos

EY GOOMBA!!! FUGGEDABOUTIIITT?! "Stevie Snacks" and "Jeremy Fingers" watched The Sopranos this week, and we got really deep into the analysis of the finale so listen until the end!

Steve comes clean about crying
Jeremy hates the theme song, A LOT
Tony Soprano's fate is finally discovered!

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Apr 28, 2017

Episode 8: Boy Meets World

Cory, Topanga and the gang are back!!! We both realized that we had never seen the finale, but that didn't stop Jeremy from crying 10 years after it aired. This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience (hence the laught track).

Seriously, why does the youngest sibling never get a name in the pilot?!
Is Eric a secret stoner boy?
Why did Jeremy cry 5 times?

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Apr 20, 2017

Episode 7: Charmed

As the Dad in the finale says "I...I'm...confused!" We go from 3 sisters learning witchery to TIME TRAVEL! Join us as we attempt to figure out what time loop we're in and who belongs where.

Steve embarrasses himself by forgetting what a "muggle" is.
Jeremy doesn't think pizza is a "sexy food"
And Alyssa Milano is timeless!

This week's cover song is by KellyRoseMusic. Watch her throw fireballs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_62j0P0aHFk
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Apr 13, 2017

Episode 6: Desperate Housewives

What a better audience for Desperate Housewives than 3 dudes in a blanket fort?! We are joined by stand-up comedian Steve Halligan for a night filled with murder, mystery, and marry/cuddle/have-a-talk-with.

All character names are interchangeable...except Scott Bakula
Is Bree sentient?
What the heck is Navy Bean Soup?!
And introducing a brand new segment: The Other Side

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